We encourage all prospective authors to thoroughly review the following Jurnal RESTI guidelines and tutorials when preparing a manuscript for submission.

1. Author submission guidelines - Provides complete instructions on formatting, structure, policies, and process for new manuscripts. Critical to read before submitting.

2. Avoiding early rejection - Helps identify common reasons for rejection and how to avoid them to ensure your manuscript passes initial screening.

3. OJS 3 User Tutorial - A comprehensive overview of navigating the online journal system for submitting and tracking your manuscript.

4. Tips and Resources for Publication: Additional advice and information on best practices for writing, formatting, and publishing scientific papers.

Careful consultation of these materials will optimize the quality of your submission and accelerate the editorial process. Do not hesitate to contact the journal office at jurnal.resti@gmail.com if you have any other questions. We are excited to receive and consider your manuscript for publication in Jurnal RESTI.