1. Is it possible to submit a manuscript to RESTI Journal at any time of year?  The journal freely welcomes submissions 365 days a year without restrictions. The timing of publication depends on the results of the review and the editor's decision. Earlier submission is encouraged.

  2. What is the typical timeline for publishing in Journal RESTI after manuscript submission? Accepted manuscripts are reviewed by an editorial team and peer review by at least two reviewers. The timelines vary depending on the availability of the reviewer and the author-editor interactions. We aim for a thorough, yet efficient review.

  3. Can my manuscript be published quickly to meet a graduation requirement?  All manuscripts undergo the same rigorous peer review process. Editors cannot guarantee or accelerate acceptance. It is best to avoid mentioning graduation deadlines and let standard procedures take their course.

  4. Can I submit my manuscript to the journal by email? Journal RESTI uses an online system for all submissions and communications. Manuscripts should be submitted through the journal's website, not by email. This enables real-time tracking of status. 

  5. Can I ask editors to prioritize or expedite my manuscript? Editors handle all submissions as efficiently as possible while balancing many duties. Please avoid special requests for prioritized handling, as this may seem improper.

  6. Is it possible to know when my submission will be accepted and published? Acceptance and publication timelines can only be confirmed after peer review is completed. Check the website for estimated durations and avoid querying expected decision dates.

  7. When will I receive the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) if my submission is approved? The Letter of Acceptance is only issued after the editor has approved the manuscript post-review. Authors should not expect this letter immediately upon submission.

Contact us if you have any other questions about publishing in RESTI Journal.