Image Preprocessing Approaches Toward Better Learning Performance with CNN

Keywords: convolutional network, deep learning, face recognition, advanced preprocessing, classification


Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) are at the forefront of computer vision, relying heavily on the quality of input data determined by the preprocessing method. An undue preprocessing approach will result in poor learning performance. This study critically examines the impact of advanced image pre-processing techniques on computational neural networks (CNNs) in facial recognition. Emphasizing the importance of data quality, we explore various pre-processing approaches, including noise reduction, histogram equalization, and image hashing. Our methodology involves feature visualization to improve facial feature discernment, training convergence analysis, and real-time model testing.  The results demonstrate significant improvements in model performance with the preprocessed dataset: average accuracy, recall, precision, and F1 score enhancements of 4.17%, 3.45%, 3.45%, and 3.81%, respectively. Additionally, real-time testing shows a 21% performance increase and a 1.41% reduction in computing time. This study not only underscores the effectiveness of preprocessing in boosting CNN capabilities, but also opens avenues for future research in applying these methods to diverse image types and exploring various CNN architectures for comprehensive understanding.


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Author Biographies

Hazriani, Universitas Handayani Makassar

Dept. of Computer System Handayani University Makassar, Indonesia

Abdul Latief Arda, Universitas Handayani Makassar

Dept. of Computer System Handayani University Makassar, Indonesia


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