Penalaran Berbasis Aturan Untuk Diagnosa Awal Penyakit Anjing Menggunakan Teorema Bayes

  • Sella Marselena Universitas Islam Riau
  • Ause Labellapansa Universitas Islam Riau
  • Abdul Syukur Universitas Islam Riau
Keywords: Expert System, Forward Chaining, Teorema Bayes, Dog


Many pets can be played with, socialize and even live together with humans. Numbers of animal clinics have increased to provide care for pets. This study focuses on Dog as pet. Desease and improper treatment of dog will adversely affect the Dog. In dealing with the problem of Dog disease, Dog owners may experience difficulties due to limited number of clinics and veterinarians, especially in rural areas. As a solution, Artificial Intelligence is used by using expert systems that can help inexperienced medical personnel diagnose early symptoms of Dog disease. The search method used in this research is Forward Chaining and Bayes Theorem method to handle uncertainties that arised. Based on knowledge acquisition, 3 diseases were obtained with 38 simptoms and 60 cases. Based on the tests conducted then obtained the sensitivity value of 80%, the value of accuracy of 88.6% indicates that this expert system is able to diagnose dog diseasesKeywords: Dog, Expert System, Forward Chaining, Bayes Theorem.



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