Aspect Level Sentiment Analysis on Zoom Cloud Meetings App Review Using LDA

  • Janu Akrama Wardhana Telkom University
  • Yuliant Sibaroni Telkom University
Keywords: LDA, SVM, review, aspect


During the Covid-19 pandemic, almost all community activities are conducted from home. Therefore, video conference technology is needed for people to carry out their normal activities from home. One of the video conference applications is ZOOM Cloud Meetings. Applications certainly have been reviewed given by their users as a reference for new users and companies of the application to know the application’s performance. However, in reviews, some constraints are the number of reviews as well as irregular. Therefore, a solution is needed with sentiment analysis that aims to classify the reviews of the application to be organized by categorizing positive or negative sentiment. In this study, aspect-based sentiment analysis was conducted on ZOOM Cloud Meetings app reviews from Google Play Store. The analysis’s result of the review data obtained three aspects, namely aspects of usability, system, and appearance. The modeling topic used is the Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) method and classification using the Support Vector Machine (SVM). This research resulted in the best performance with the best parameters resulting in the performance accuracy of usability aspect is 88.83%, system aspect with 91.2%, appearance aspect with 94.78%, and performance accuracy of all aspects 91.61%.


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