Kriptografi Audio MP3 Menggunakan RSA dan Transposisi Kolom

  • Cinantya Paramita Universitas Dian Nuswantoro
  • Usman Sudibyo Universitas Dian Nuswantoro
Keywords: MP3, RSA, transposition, cryptography


Mp3 is one form of audio file extension that is widely used today. With a variety of uses in a variety of mp3 systems become one of the audio extensions that are commonly found in technology systems of the Internet of Things era. However, with the many uses of the .mp3 file extension, there is a new problem, namely the security of the data itself. From these problems, the author aims to examine the security of the mp3 file by designing cryptographic science-based applications. The cryptographic algorithm used in the application is a combination of the asymmetric RSA 2048 algorithm and symmetric columnic transpositions. RSA 2048 algorithm was chosen because it has a key length in accordance with NIST standards in securing data. By combining the two algorithms, the application system will have the ability to manage mp3 files and encrypt mp3 files with the results of data that cannot be played like mp3 files in general. This application system will be developed by prototype method which is the best method in developing a system with trial and error in algorithm development.



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