Determination of Optimal Public Transportation Routes Using Firefly and Tabu Search Algorithms

  • Salwa Salsabila Mansur Telkom University
  • Sri Widowati Universitas Telkom
  • Mahmud Imrona Telkom University
Keywords: Kata kunci: algoritma firefly, tabu search, rute, angkutan umum, optimasi


Traffic congestion problems generally caused by the increasing use of private vehicles and public transportations. In order to overcome the situation, the optimization of public transportation’s route is required particularly the urban transportation. In this research, the performance analysis of Firefly and Tabu Search algorithm is conducted to optimize eleven public transportation’s routes in Bandung. This optimization aims to increase the dispersion of public transportation’s route by expanding the scope of route that are crossed by public transportation so that it can reach the entire Bandung city and increase the driver’s income by providing the passengers easier access to public transportations in order to get to their destinations. The optimal route is represented by the route with most roads and highest number of incomes. In this research, the comparison results between the reference route and the public transportation’s optimized route increasing the dispersion of public transportation’s route to 60,58% and increasing the driver’s income to 20,03%.


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