Best Employee Decision Using Multi Attribute Utility Theory Method

  • Sunardi Universitas Ahmad Dahlan
  • Rusydi Umar Universitas Ahmad Dahlan
  • Dewi Sahara Universitas Ahmad Dahlan
Keywords: MAUT method, criteria, performance, best employee, decision making


Selection of the best employee is a form of appreciation that can be shown by the company for the achievements of its employees. This appreciation can motivate employees to be more enthusiastic in improving their performance at work. Appropriate evaluation and decision-making methods need to be taken so that the best employee selection process runs objectively, transparently, and in accordance with established standards. This study aimed to select the best employee candidates at PT Kerry Express Indonesia using the multi attribute utility theory (MAUT) method. The criteria for the selection process as follows: attendance (weight = 2), output obtained (weight = 3), discipline (weight = 3), and reporting (weight= 2). The employees in this study were 30 respondents from 150 populations. The assessment was carried out for three months from January to April 2022. The calculations were carried out using the Microsoft Access tool. The results of calculations using the MAUT method show that the highest rank among all candidates has a score of 7.75 while the lowest rank had a score of 3.25. It can be concluded that the MAUT method can be used to select the best employees at PT. Kerry Express Indonesia effectively and efficiently.



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