Fire Detection on Video Using ViBe Algorithm and LBP-TOP

  • Kurniawan Nur Ramadhani Telkom University
  • Febryanti Sthevanie Telkom University
  • Gamma Kosala Telkom University
  • Ketut Sudyatmika Putra Telkom University
Keywords: fire detection, ViBe algorithm, local binary pattern-three orthogonal plane, support vector machine


In this research, we built a system to detect fire using the ViBe (Visual Background Extractor) algorithm to extract dynamic targets.  The ViBe algorithm is better at detecting moving target objects such as flame combustion. In this research we combined the ViBe algorithm with three frame differencing to gain better results on movement object. The HSI color space model was applied after the movement object was obtained. We used Local Binary Pattern-Three Orthogonal Planes to obtain the feature extraction to be classified with Support Vector Machine. Our result has shown that the proposed system were able to detect the fire using the LBP-TOP and ViBe algorithm methods with an average accuracy rate of 88.10%, and the best accuracy was 90.37%. The parameters used to achieve this accuracy in the feature extraction process were T=120, Radius=2, and frame gap=15, then the threshold value parameter for three-frame difference parameter was 25.


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