Perbandingan Model Proses Algoritma Alpha dan Alpha++ Pada Aplikasi E-commerce

Comparing Model Processes of Alpha and Alpha++ Algorithm in E-Commerce

Keywords: Alpha, Process Discovery, Process mining, Event log


Utilization of information technology is currently growing rapidly in helping activities especially in storing an event log. The activity which is behavior of the user can be analyzed using process mining. The process mining purpose to extract information from event logs on business processes that working. Discovery technique is used in this research. The purpose of this study is to compare two algorithms applied by creating an e-commerce application that is aware of the processes. E-commerce applications require event logs to read the behavior of visitor activities against the application. This research method starts from understanding the business processes that working, then designing a website by creating the application used. Furthermore, data collection through applications that are promoted through social media. The application will be recorded user activity and formed an event log. The event log that formed then discovered using alpha and alpha++ algorithms by utilizing the ProM Lite 1.2 tools. The evaluation results show that the alpha algorithm has shortcomings, namely length one loop, length two loop and non-free choice. And the alpha++ algorithm fixed this deficiency.



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Author Biography

Bambang Jokonowo, Universitas Mercu Buana

Information Systems Deparment


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