Penerapan Convolutional Neural Network Deep Learning dalam Pendeteksian Citra Biji Jagung Kering

  • Arum TiaraSari Universitas Gunadarma
  • Emy Haryatmi Universitas Gunadarma
Keywords: convolution neural network, deep learning, dry corn, image, detection


Corn kernels detection can be implemented in industry area. This can be implemented in the selection and packaging the corn kernels before it is distributed. This technique can be implemented in the selection and packaging machine to detect corn kernels accurately. Corn kernel images was used before it is implemented in real-time. The objective of this research was corn kernel detection using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) deep learning. This technique consists of 3 main stages, the first preprocessing or normalizing the input of corn kernels image data by wrapping and cropping, both modeling and training the system, and testing. The experiment used CNN method to classify images of dry corn kernels and to determine the accuracy value. This research used 20 dry corn kernels images as testing from 80 dry corn kernels images which used in training dataset. The accuracy of detection was dependent from the size of image and position when the image was taken. The accuracy is around 80% - 100% by using 7 convolutional layers and the average of accuracy for testing data was 0,90296. The convolutional layer which implemented in CNN has the strength to detect features in the input image.



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Author Biography

Arum TiaraSari, Universitas Gunadarma

Magister Teknik Elektro


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