Jurnal RESTI (Rekayasa Sistem dan Teknologi Informasi) 2019-04-22T06:39:57+00:00 Yuhefizar Open Journal Systems <p><span class="" lang="id"><span class="">Ikatan Ahli Informatika Indonesia (IAII) merupakan lembaga/organisasi profesi di bidang informatika yang merangkul semua insan informatika untuk berperan aktif dalam mengembangkan profesi informatika di Indonesia. Dalam panduan Dikti, terkait pengelola Jurnal merupakan salah satu wewenang organisasi profesi dengan penilaian 4. Oleh karena itu Jurnal ini hadir dalam rangka mengemban tugas tersebut.</span></span></p> <p><span id="result_box" class="" lang="id"><span class="">Jurnal </span>RESTI&nbsp; (Rekayasa Sistem dan Teknologi Informasi) adalah sebuah jurnal <em>blind peer-review</em> <span class="">yang didedikasikan</span> untuk publikasi hasil penelitian yang berkualitas dalam&nbsp; bidang Rekayasa Sistem dan Teknologi Informasi namun tak terbatas secara implisit. Semua publikasi di junal RESTI bersifat akses terbuka yang memungkinkan <span class="">artikel </span>tersedia secara bebas online tanpa berlangganan apapun.</span></p> <div class="itanywhere-activator" style="left: 0px; top: 49px; display: none;" title="Google Translator Anywhere">&nbsp;</div> <div class="itanywhere-activator" style="left: 0px; top: 45px; display: none;" title="Google Translator Anywhere">&nbsp;</div> Credit Scoring Kelayakan Debitur Menggunakan Metode Hybrid ANN Backpropagation dan TOPSIS 2019-04-22T06:39:17+00:00 Susan Dwi Saputri Ermatita Ermatita <p>Credit is one of the common practices that provide benefits for financial or non-financial institutions. However on the other hand, aid loans also have higher risks if the institutions give the wrong decision in giving a loan. Credit Scoring is one of techniques that can determine whether it is feasible to given a loan or not. The selection of a credit scoring model greatly determines the value in classifying credit that is feasible or not to giving a loan. Decision Support System (DSS) is one system that can be used to overcome this problem. The advantages of DSS are being able to overcome the problems that have semi-structured and unstructured data. In this study, DSS was supported by using Artificial Neural Network Backpropagation method and TOPSIS method to find the priority for seeking eligibility. Accuracy results obtained in this study reached 98,69% with the number of iteration is 300, the number of training data is 30, neuron hidden 12 and error tolerance is 0.001. TOPSIS method succeeded in ranking 185 data selected as recipients of credit.</p> <p>Keywords:Credit Scoring, Decision Support System (DSS), Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Backpropagation, TOPSIS.</p> 2019-04-13T05:18:52+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sistem Tutorial Berbasis Kecerdasan Buatan Pada Proses Pengambilan Keputusan Perawatan dan Perbaikan Gitar 2019-04-22T06:39:35+00:00 Agusta Rakhmat Taufani Harits Ar Ar Rosyid <p><em>Guitar is a popular musical instrument in the world and is a metronome for every use in various music events and its correlation. As a metronome, the guitar must be well standardized on the quality of each part so that sound that comes in line with the user's expectations in this case is the guitarist. Damage to the guitar is something normal because of its intense use so it needs proper handling in the repair process. The easiest thing is to bring a broken guitar to the experts, but when there are not many guitar service experts or a long enough distance to reach it, then guitar repairs need to be done immediately. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a system that can act as a tutor in the maintenance and repair of guitars by utilizing artificial intelligence embedded in the system. With the help of artificial intelligence, it is expected that the system can assist in the decision making of guitar technicians in the process of making guitar repair decisions based on the symptoms that occur. Decision making used uses the certainty factor method based on certainty factors. After going through the equivalence partitioning testing process, in general this system produces a total percentage of 100% on the success of the item test by experts in the testing process of the 25 items tested. Thus the application meets the requirements for making the program, which is readable and valid.</em></p> 2019-04-13T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Membandingkan Metode SAW Dan MFEP Dalam Penentuan Jurusan di Tingkat SLTA 2019-04-22T06:39:43+00:00 Rini Sovia Aulia Fitrul Hadi <p><em>SMAN 10 Padang is one of the leading schools in the city of Padang State School which has two majors, namely Science (Science Knowledge) and Social Sciences (Social Sciences). A distinctive feature of this school is one of the international standard pilot schools (RSBI) by implementing bilingual and accelerating classes. On average students lack understanding in the selection of majors according to their abilities. Many people fail in the way they have found. To facilitate the determination of majors, a Decision Making System (SPK) is needed to find criteria. In SPK there are several methods in searching criteria, which are usually used by SAW with MFED. Based on the research carried out, by comparing the two methods, the data are grouped into three criteria, namely the value of the Natural Sciences National Examination, Psychology tests, and Interests. The results of this study </em><em>show about MFEP method take a high accuration between SAW. An accuration of SAW have 38.3 % and MFEP have 70.5%.</em></p> 2019-04-06T05:05:10+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Identifikasi Manajemen Resiko yang diusulkan pada Operasional SME dalam Penerapan Sistem ERP Jangka Panjang. 2019-04-22T06:39:48+00:00 Dedy Ricardo Serumena Paulus Haba Lena Salahudin Robo <p><em>Risk management in business strategic based on the survey that has been done by UKM &nbsp;Ebjed Kaos Factory, Bantul (Yogyakarta) by doing interview directly toward one of the supervisor of the factory which &nbsp;states that the risk in business can affect the part of benefit from the result of their production, it is because in the last few years the results of the expected profits was in fact not stable by applying the strategy, it needs strategy with &nbsp;a frameworks in their ERP system, so that every process of production that has done can have information data which is programmed, analyzed and compared to the risk level of the previous production. All the information data based on their sample of logistic experience in the last few years with an interview approaches model towards 2 from 16 employees, 1 chief inventory staff and the main leader of their UKM factory. The results of this approach Provides almost 80% information that the author needs. Then the author designs and implements a strategy that can generate relevant Information data for the framework of risk management of every logistic area of their UKM. In conclusion, when they’re consider with an efficient strategy, it will surely make a profit for t if every risk faced can be designed and implemented well.</em></p> 2019-04-06T02:58:45+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Aplikasi Pengawasan Kendaraan di Daerah Perbatasan Entikong berbasis Teknologi PWA Dan Load Balancing Server 2019-04-22T06:39:57+00:00 Ikhwan Ruslianto Uray Ristian <p><em>Entikong</em><em> is one of Indonesia's border areas that </em><em>is crossed</em><em> by vehicles across national borders from Malaysia and Brunei. Data collection </em><em>is based</em><em> on computers to check passing vehicles. This is of course a problem if you want to get vehicle data quickly and effectively. This will cause problems again if there is interference on the internet or the internet condition becomes slow. Therefore, it is necessary to make a mechanism for accessing application pages with offline conditions. </em><em>The application of</em><em> Progressive Web Apps (</em><em>PWA</em><em>) in an application can keep the website accessible to users even though the internet condition is offline. Service Workers on </em><em>PWA</em><em> will work based on an internet connection. If the application is online, data </em><em>will be called</em><em> from the server to use. If offline, the data </em><em>will be retrieved</em><em> from the device cache sent to the application. From the test results, even though the internet is offline, the </em><em>Sipintar</em><em> application website can still be accessed. The browser storage required is only </em><em>630kb</em><em> for cache storage, </em><em>2kb</em><em> for Service Worker and </em><em>302b</em><em> for Indexed DB. In addition, server load balancing </em><em>is needed</em><em> for the use of heavy network traffic. From the results of monitoring the server shows that the usage of bandwidth resources on the </em><em>Sipintar</em><em> application server only has a most usage of 1.3 Mbps.</em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> 2019-04-06T01:49:19+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##